Shadowing Program

Kentucky has 138 legislators in the General Assembly yet I am the only member who invites any willing person to spend a day in Frankfort during the heat of the annual legislative session. I am convinced that Americans value the ideals of a representative democracy, but many do not know how it actually happens. They view the legislative process as slow, contentious and unresponsive. It is no surprise that they are cynical and distrustful.

I am committed to provide my constituents with a “hands on” experience to improve their understanding and support of our democratic institution by opening my schedule to a day long visit as my “shadow.” I believe that when citizens play an active role in their government it strengthens the democratic process. It also allows me to make a direct connection to people who want to be assured their voice is heard.

Participants will spend a day attending my committee meetings, meetings with lobbyists, they will stand with me in the House Chamber and then view the House of Representatives from the …. for a bird’s eye view of the work done there. I believe this is an effective way to invigorate and educate Kentuckians on the critical relationship between government and the people it serves.

It is important to me that my constituents understand that I care about their needs and problems and listen to what they think about issues. One day in the capitol hallways and meeting rooms will help deepen the understanding of the many different viewpoints a legislator is exposed to on one issue, how we find solutions to public problems, and why negotiation and compromise are part of the policy process.

If you would like to participate in this one of a kind program, please feel free to contact my Frankfort office to be placed on the January 2010 waiting list at 502-564-8100 ext 1275.